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Adult relationships come with adult responsibilities. Heather tried to explain this to me a while ago in terms of condoms, porn, and lawn-mowing (which are "boy" responsibilities) but that was another of those things that I didn't "get" until I experienced it for myself.

A partial list of my observations ensues.

Girl Jobs:
1. Cooking that involves an oven.
2. Making sure we don't run out of toothpaste or toilet paper.
3. Throwing away any underpants or socks that have been worn to the point that you can read the newspaper through them.
4. Maintaining the medical arsenal: Tylenol, Band-Aids, Bactine, Alka-Seltzer, Pink Stuff, Benadryl
5. Maintaining the Netflix list.

Boy Jobs:
1. Cooking that involves a grill, or hamburger, or a grill AND hamburger.
2. Vanquishing spiders.
3. Any chore that involves sticking a live, flesh-covered appendage into the garbage disposal.
4. Maintaining the maintenance arsenal: Drano, Resolve, Goo-Gone, duct tape, Gorilla Glue, 2000 Flushes (the blue kind, ideally)
5. Exercising veto power over the Netflix list.