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Sweet Jesus, a brain vacation...

Wait... that's three posts in three days... all three of which mention Jesus. I would have changed that title but I'm a fan of irony and this melds so many brands of irony I almost wet myself. Rest assured that will be the last mention of religion in this particular post.

Mkay, so I've been a fandom junkie for quite some time, and fic is my drug of choice. OPC. Other People's Characters. And every hard-core fic junkie has three lists stashed away, even if it's only on the back burner of their brain somewhere, and will readily expound on command. If you don't believe me, hit up anyone lurking about the manga section of your local indie bookshop and see if I'm not right.

The first list is the "oh gawd no" list - sometimes referred to as the "squick list." Whether it's general (like "no slash"), character-specific ("I don't want to read anything involving Samwise Gamgee. Ever.") or situational ("Please, please, God, no more giantsquidpron please?"), everyone has their "things I won't do" list.

The second list is the "if only I had time" list. This is the list of projects that you have stored away in draft, on notecards, or on that aforementioned mental back burner, that haven't seen the light of day because there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it justice and/or it's the kind of project that you start on on a normal Tuesday night with a pot of tea and half a pack of cigarettes and wake up Friday mid-morning surrounded by discarded wine bottles and drooling on the keyboard over fifteen pages of classic boiling interweb wank where most comments begin with, "WTF were you thinking..." and end in acronyms that suggest creative ways in which you might die. Not that I've ever done that, I swear. I'm just imagining it could happen.

The third list is the list of things that you would like to see if the world was a perfect place, all the planets aligned, and you had four of your favorite fic authors chained to typewriters in your basement because this is stuff you could never, ever, ever write even if you could hear it in your head like you can when you're really on a fic roll. (The voices... they talk to me...) My list includes a Michael Caffee/Mary Rose Caffee fic in the Hook/Wendy vein, a Tavington set during the war that doesn't involve murder or fluffy-bunny bullshit, and some decent Deadwood. The list used to include a decent non-graphic canon Hook/Wendy, until I found the perfect specimen last year, and to be honest, I truly believed that was the only item that would ever be crossed off that list. No one's writing Brotherhood, LEAST of all minor characters... having modded some of the best for eight years, I can say without hesitation that Tavington is just fluff-fodder and anyone that says otherwise is probably writing some of the rubbish that comes across my virtual desk and amuses me... and writing Deadwood fic is akin to writing Shakespeare fic. It just can't be done well.

In this case, I love to be proven wrong. Oh happy day:
Tangling Shadows
(Reposted without the author's permission, but with the utmost respect and gratitude.)