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Jesus is LEED certified.

So... Justin and I had a few minutes to relax tonight, and instead watched Waiting for Armageddon, which I knew was going to work me right into a foamy little frenzy but agreed to watch anyway, since Justin sat through a "Hoarders" marathon a few weeks ago. I was not wrong about the emotion involved, but honestly... I think I'm more sad than anything that there are so many people out there that seem to be too lazy to really think about this stuff and instead decide to follow someone - anyone - with a zealous streak into ulcer territory.

The way I see it is pretty simple. There are two schools of thought on the whole giant-air-quotes "religion" thing:

1. "Religion" is the cosmic boogeyman that keeps us on the right path by implying that there are consequences in a big way for the stuff that we WANT to do but shouldn't; in other words, do bad stuff and bad stuff happens. And that's generally the principle behind nearly every major world religion and a lot of the minor ones. But more about that in a second.


2. Jesus is real, he's pissed, and he's coming back to kick your ass.

This upsets me to the roots of my toenails. Having had some basic conflicts with dogma and doctrine, I've done a lot of searching (both in the academic way and the intrinsic 3am insomniac way) and I've come to my own personal conclusion that... IT DOESN'T MATTER. And here's why: it all says pretty much the same thing. It all says don't hurt people, help where you can, give what you can to those who need it, love each other, and keep your priorities straight. More importantly, it all says - if you actually STUDY instead of just READING (a very important distinction) that if there is hatred or anger involved in your doctrine anywhere at all... YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. If there is an omnipresent spiritual being, that being is about balance and harmony, not warmongering and pious one-upmanship. But again... IT DOESN'T matter. Because those principles that I mentioned a minute ago? Aren't we more fulfilled as people when we're living our lives by those principles anyway? Harmony and balance are pretty decent things, for sure.

Thoreau said, "Heaven is as much under our feet as above our heads." I'm pretty sure he "got" it. Forgive me if I don't think I'm going to hell for suggesting, "What Would Thoreau Do?" bracelets.